Essay on Women's Rights
Competition 2023

The competition is open to women aged 14-17 from Poland and the United States.

Six winning essays will be rewarded with $50 prizes and their authors will be invited to join our new project - the Women's Rights Newsroom.

The competition is organised in collaboration with the US Embassy in Warsaw and the Coalition For Women In Journalism.

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Harbingers' Weekly Brief

The Harbinger
Prize 2023

Anna Lovat, the author of 'Bugs Are Friends, Not Foes', won The Harbinger Prize 2023.

The next year's edition will be announced on February 14, 2024. Yes, the point is for you all to have a happy Valentine's Day - because life is so much more than having someone to eat dinner with when commercials say so, right?

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Editor's pick

Featured author

Riana Banga Science correspondent London, United Kingdom

Born in Chandigarh, India, in 2006, Riana is now a student in London, United Kingdom. She plans to study physics.

In her free time, she plays the drums or reads books on astronomy and physics. She speaks English and Hindi.

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