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July 16, 2024
Reasons to visit the Narayanhiti Palace Museum in Nepal
Narayanhiti Palace was turned into a museum after the monarchy was overthrown in Nepal and the country was declared a federal democratic republic. It was designed for kings, but now it is open to everyone. We found six interesting things about the palace that everyone must know
Students aged 11–18 from the OXSFJ Nepal Project share their experiences after a recent visit to this royal museum
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June 13, 2024
‘Say it loud, gay is proud’: A brief history of Pride Month
It’s June, which means that it’s Pride Month! Although it is still an ongoing battle to ensure equal rights and opportunities for the LGBTQIA+ community, we have come a long way since the early days of the Pride movement. So let us take some time to discuss the origins of this incredible celebration of queerness
17 year-old Christian Yeung outlines the history of Pride Month
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April 18, 2024
‘Misinformation is now produced on an industrial scale’ – Concerns over propaganda on social media
Three in ten children aged 12–15 used TikTok as a news source in 2022. With the rapid growth of social media, misinformation is both accessible and actively promoted to vulnerable young people on an unprecedented scale
17 year-old Cressida Anness Lorenz interviews history student, Gabrielle Segal, on misinformation and propaganda
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March 29, 2024
Why Ukrainians speak Russian
When I’m asked why so many other Ukrainian refugees speak Russian, I am not sure what to answer, as the answer lies beneath complex layers of oppression from our neighbouring country – it is not a preference.
17 year-old Sofiya Tkachenko outlines the history of linguicide in Ukraine
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March 01, 2024
10 things you should know about Nepal
From festivals and culture to world heritage sites and areas of natural beauty, teenage journalists in Kathmandu each share one fact about their home country Nepal
Teenagers aged 11-18 from the Mountain Children Home share the beauty of Nepal
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March 01, 2024
Key things you should know about quantum physics
All of modern technology relies on quantum physics. Phones, TVs, watches, vehicles, and computers only work because of our understanding of electrons' behaviour. Quantum physics is an incredibly important field with many more developments to come
17 year-old Sofia Radysh breaks down the complex science into a basic guide
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February 02, 2024
US and Iraqi leaders hold first talk over future relations - what does this mean?
US and Iraqi leaders have held their first round of negotiations over the prospective removal of the US-led international military coalition from Iraq following increased tensions
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek reports on the most recent statements from government officials
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January 12, 2024
Messy biopic where only battlefields shine: Napoleon review
Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby put on grand performances that are still not enough to save the film from coming across as bloated
17 year-old Anatolii Mishustin reviews the latest box office disappointment
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January 05, 2024
Israel-Gaza War: The multifaceted conflict that has resulted in decades of suffering
The recent conflict between Hamas and Israel has defined a bitter chapter in Israel-Palestine’s history. As the toll rises, the urgency of international attention is highlighted against a backdrop of ceasefires and broken truces
17 year-old Sofiya Suleimenova outlines the history of the modern conflict
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December 08, 2023
Dreaming of home: How Armenian teenagers navigate the exodus and loss of Nagorno-Karabakh
Through interviews, the impact of the humanitarian catastrophe on children, young people and families culminated in a shared dream to someday return to their homelands
16 year-old Jefferson He chronicles the humanitarian crisis in Armenia, from the takeover of Nagorno-Karabakh (Artsakh), and its profound impact on the youth
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November 24, 2023
Since 1960, the contraceptive pill has revolutionized women's lives. One woman financed the research
The invention of the pill not only gave women the opportunity to plan parenthood, it revolutionized Western societies in gender equality. The pill allowed women to stay in education longer, and pursue professional careers
17 year-old Flora Lodd on the history and future of hormonal contraception
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October 27, 2023
Kosovo War – understanding the unresolved conflict
The conflict that was supposed to be resolved decades ago is making headlines in world news again, with the media asking Are Kosovo and Serbia on the brink of war?’
17 year-old Mykyta Yaremenko explains the failure of peace process in Kosovo
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September 08, 2023
Dying languages: Cultures are being eradicated in silence
Language is often reduced to a tool for basic communication, neglecting its human and cultural significance. Global warming and urbanisation are forcing linguistically diverse communities to migrate, assimilate, and abandon their ancestral tongues
Sophie Yu on the fight to save forgotten languages
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September 01, 2023
Understanding Poland’s economic transformation would enable Sri Lanka to learn from Warsaw’s errors
Many experts fear that in light of the recent economic crisis, the Lankan government’s sole focus will be debt disposal, hence the introduction of reforms may occur in a haphazard way, jeopardising the country’s security
17 year-old Nadia Diakowska speaks with economic experts Marcin Zielinski, Professor Adam Bodnar, and Filip Konopczyński
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August 19, 2023
Ageism: How young MPs are battling for political recognition
In today’s society, their role is arguably not considered as inspirational as that of pop stars or maybe even athletes. But why not? Young MPs seem to have an even greater fight for this interest, and for recognition in the political sphere
15 year-old Isaaq Hussain on youth accessibility in UK politics
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August 13, 2023
Contested artefacts from the British Museum: 7 things you need to know
In recent years, many countries where these artefacts originated have become more vocal in calling for their return, arguing that the objects were taken unethically and without consent
16 year-old Justin Sau outlines the appeals for repatriation
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August 09, 2023
Oppenheimer review: Three-hour long biopic nothing short of mind-blowing
In unity with cinematography, sound design, and the soundtrack Nolan creates a horrifically immersive experience which controls every atom in the viewer's body
17 year-old Anatolii Mishustin reviews Nolan’s newest blockbuster
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June 30, 2023
Unabomber exemplifies dangers of the far-right’s romanticisation of terrorists
On June 10, Theodore “Ted” Kaczynski, known as the Unabomber, died in prison unleashing a social media storm of Unabomber fans wishing him to rest in peace, revealing to the world a harmful and dangerous personality cult
17 year-old Mykyta Yaremenko on Ted Kaczynski’s right-wing fandom
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June 23, 2023
Russian aggression will add another layer to Ukraine’s intergenerational trauma
It is impossible to understand the impact the current Russian aggression will have on Ukrainian society without taking into account the scars left by the Holodomor, World War 2, and Chornobyl
16-year-old Sofiya Tkachenko interviews mental health expert Lidiia Kasyanchuk
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March 17, 2023
What exactly is Justice? The flawed concept behind the death penalty in the US
Organisations such as the Innocence Project work to liberate the innocent, avoid wrongful sentences, and establish systems of justice that are fair, humane, and impartial for all. There have already been 375 cases of exoneration in the US due to new DNA testing, including 21 people serving on death row.
17 year-old Aleksandra Lasek on the importance of re-examination of evidence
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March 17, 2023
How political art is used to influence people
Art, as a reflection of an artist’s view of the world, is influenced by the events happening around, including politics and wars. And just like art, propaganda is also influenced by them. Propaganda, as it is known, is the dissemination of information to influence public opinion
16 year-old Kateryna Kalyniuk outlines the history of propaganda
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March 09, 2023
Are the Peranakans a part of Singapore’s past or a heritage shaping my life choices?
As I deepened my research into Peranakans, I began to realise that my ancestors far exceed their reputation as creators of imaginative cuisine and eclectic architecture. In fact, the culture not only shapes the Singapore we see today but has largely influenced the choices I have made in life
16 year-old Jinn Ong inquires whether and how it is possible to be Peranakan in the 21st century
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February 09, 2023
Lessons have not been learnt, international law is not stopping Russia
The notions of genocide and crimes against humanity are two essential building blocks for international law and vital parts of the efforts to protect human rights. In his 2016 book East West Street, British writer and lawyer Philippe Sands explains the origins of these notions
Aleksandra Lasek on the constraints of the international criminal law system
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November 17, 2022
Art of forgetting and remembering. On Lithuania's path to the commemoration of Holocaust victims
Memory is by no means neutral, and the pain of it demands decision. To what extent should we remember at all? What does it mean to remember rightly? Is the idea of memory even possible?
17 year-old Sophie Abromaviciute on relations between art and history
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October 17, 2022
Volunteering at KL Plaszow Museum gave me a chance to fight the Nazi dehumanisation
To many, the concentration camp in Plaszow remains an unknown piece of history. A mere nine-person team at the KL Plaszow Museum and Memorial Site are working to change that. While I had the privilege of being the museum’s first volunteer, the KL Plaszow team hopes to recruit more as they continue working towards their opening in 2025
17 year-old Jonathan Wong on the meaning of voluntary work
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September 30, 2022
Herbal Insurgency: Wielding Knowledge to Heal and Harm Under Southern Enslavement
Through their knowledge of healing and harming, enslaved people were able to create small but vital spaces of healing and alternative power within the totalizing structures of Southern enslavement laws
William Derek Pacini examines the history of herbal expertise as a form of resistance and a means to freedom
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September 18, 2022
Art of humanity. Why Lithuanian Jews took part in the fight against apartheid in South Africa
Once kindness becomes prevalent, it appears to be spreading. Human relations develop as we experience the inevitability of life - whether it is peace or war, core human values remain the same. A formation of a crystal – I think of an artwork I saw in Kaunas, depicting the bonding of ions and atoms which make the crystal grow - is parallel to how human relations develop.
17 year-old Sophie Abromaviciute on the lesson from an art festival in Kaunas, Lithuania
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September 10, 2022
A Plague Constant: Disease and Conspiracy in the Early Modern Period and Today
Today, as during the Great Plague of London, some of those holding office have put forward questionable remedies said to be more effective than mainstream treatments
Zachary Górka considers the similarities in public reaction and conspiracy between COVID-19 and the Great Plague of London, almost 400 years apart
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August 16, 2022
Norman Davies: In 1919, Soviet invasion bolstered Polish national identity. Now it happens in Ukraine
“In 1920, nobody, no experts, no generals gave Poland a chance. In February, no experts gave Ukrainians much of a chance. The Ukrainians captured Russian tanks where the men were dressed in parade uniforms”
An interview by 18 year-old Jeremi Kulczyk-Lubomirski and 16 year-old Maciej Cebula


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